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Welcome to OneDayWith IBM

Join us on 13th November 2014 and learn more about working at IBM as a Graduate Consultant

During our online presentations you will have the opportunity to learn about IBM’s Consulting by Degrees Graduate Development Program, from two of IBM’s leading female Global Business Services employees, Annika Grosse and Shaadi Valadkhani. Annika and Shaadi will also give you valuable insights into their careers with IBM Global Business Services Europe and the opportunities available on IBM’s Consulting By Degrees program. Following the individual presentations, you will be able to ask any questions you have directly to Annika and Shaadi via a Live Chat session.

IBM is committed to furthering women’s careers 

Since our first female hire in 1889, IBM has been dedicated to the inclusion and advancement of women in the workplace. We understand what you need to achieve the highest level of professional and personal success. That's why we offer career paths that are well defined, customisable and take you as far as you want to go—and why we provide you with a wealth of training, education and networking opportunities to help you along the way.

Experience. Grow. Transform. 

Consulting is just one of many areas in which IBM excels—and which you can excel. As the world’s largest consulting organisation we partner with our clients to create and implement change that matters. Join our team of consultants and work on real projects with the brightest minds, around the globe. You’ll learn how to use our industry-leading research, advanced analytics and latest technology to solve our clients’ complex business issues. Our clients look to us for more than solutions – we go beyond and help them see new possibilities

As a full-time graduate consultant at IBM Global Business Services, you’ll join ‘Consulting by Degrees’ - our global world-class leadership and development program designed to provide the full-spectrum of training, development, and practical experience necessary to successfully launch and accelerate your career. The program targets higher performers by providing focused training, one-on-one mentoring, and career guidance to help you gain the expertise and know-how that you need to become future leaders. 

As part of the program, you’ll work directly with your management team to chart your career path – fast-tracking your opportunities for promotions and training. Once you’ve completed the program, we’ll work with you to find the specialism that best fits your skills and career goals. While making sure there’s room to balance your work with your life, of course.

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Lysa Banks
Lead Architect for Industry Cloud Solutions

Aparna Prabhakar
Technology Innovation Program Manager



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