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You can’t predict the future, but you can create it.

About the BMW Group
The BMW Group – one of Germany’s largest industrial companies – is one of the most successful car and motorcycle manufacturers in the world. With BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, the BMW Group owns three of the strongest premium brands in the automobile industry. The vehicles manufactured by BMW set the highest standards in terms of aesthetics, dynamics, technology and quality, borne out by the company’s leading position in engineering and innovation. In addition to its strong position in the motorcycles market with the BMW brand, the BMW Group also offers a successful range of financial services.

Working at the BMW Group
Everything starts with passion at the BMW Group. It turns a profession into a vocation. It drives us to keep reinventing mobility and bringing innovative ideas onto the roads. Enthusiasm for joint projects turns a team into a strong unit where every opinion is valued. It is only when expertise, highly professional processes and enjoyment of work are united that we can shape the future together.

Independent responsibility and team spirit
At each one of our locations you will find a culture defined by success, innovation, openness and appreciation. We constantly strive to motivate each other to get better and deliver top performance at all times. Every employee of the BMW Group takes on a sense of personal responsibility for the success of the company. In this way, each individual is able to make an impact in his/her job - living out passion and move forward in their personal development. Mutual respect, fairness and constructive debate form the basis of our teamwork and have a fixed place in the values of the company. We know no cultural or national boundaries because we are in constant dialogue from one country to another. At each of our sites we strive to make the most of fresh opportunities, working together to achieve a new level of efficiency.

Diversity is a fundamental part of the BMW Group’s sustainability strategy and we place huge value on developing a cross-cultural workforce, an appropriate gender balance and a good mix of ages. To further promote diversity in the workforce, in 2010 the BMW Group Board of Management adopted a corresponding diversity concept.

- Gender
In order to 
implement the BMW Group’s strategy, it is essential for us to have a fitting proportion of women and for us to continue to attract well-trained and highly qualified women, to develop as well as to retain them. We believe this will increase our leadership excellence, customer focus, employer attractiveness and overall will lead to our continuance as a high performance organisation. Furthermore, we aim to promote more women to management positions, as we understand that women can contribute different and complimentary leadership approaches. We cannot afford to do without the female potential that’s available in the job market. We want women in management. We need want them as engineers. We need want them at all levels.

- Cultural background
We are 
a global corporation and work for customers from all over the world. We aim to understand our customers in the markets even better. This effort can only succeed with international expertise – which can be acquired through a greater share of managers with an international background. This will become increasingly relevant as we move into the future.

- Age
As a 
company, we must make sure we remain competitive and innovative – even though the society we live in is aging. By 2020, the proportion of our German associates over 50 years of age will rise – from 25 to 45 percent. We want and need older associates. We need their skills and experience. And we want them to be healthy and capable. What’s more, it’s our older associates who pass on our values and culture to younger generations. Although our workforce is aging, we will manage to improve our productive efficiency further. We have found that mixed-age teams are particularly productive and innovative.

A wide range of career prospects
There are excellent opportunities for you to contribute to our success: wide-ranging entry options in all company divisions allow you to demonstrate your capabilities. If you are looking for permanent employment: we are expanding our team in Germany, mainly in the area of research and development as well as production. Here we are especially looking for engineers, IT specialists and software developers.

Share your passion with us. Join the BMW Group engineering team, benefit from excellent career development opportunities and help us shape the future of automotive engineering.