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Cargill - Advanced Professional Leaders Program

We believe that a successful company depends, first of all, on its people. That is why, with the support of our senior leaders we will continue developing a strong talent pipeline in order to support the continuous growth the company is going through.

The Advanced Professional Leadership Program was designed to develop a strong base of the future leaders of Cargill. Through a set of international assignments, you will develop a strong knowledge of the Food Ingredients & Systems platform bridging the gap between senior management and the front line to grow alignment, build commitment and manage change. You will collaborate across the organization, effectively manage complexity & leverage the experience gained from multiple life roles.

An excellent recipe for ambitious, driven professionals to thrive in one of the largest privately held companies in the world.

Learn more about the Advanced Professional Leaders Program and apply!


Application Process



March - April

Apply and upload your CV

In order to apply to our Program please click on apply, create a profile and upload your CV. 


March - April

Phone Interview 

You have a great CV, let’s talk about it! 



Online Test

If you have a relevant experience and you fit with the requirements of our program. We would like to assess certain skills through our online test. 



Video Interview 

As you have gone successfully through the first 3 selection steps, you are getting closer to our final assessment day but before that we suggest to get to know each other via a video interview. 


18 - 19 June 2014

Assessment Days

The Assessment day is held in Cargill's headquarter in Mechelen (Belgium) and lasts 1,5 day. During this time, all participants will have the opportunity to meet our senior leaders and go through individual interviews and a business case exercise (valid for all participants).